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Randy Fromm's Arcade School offers a wide range of video training programs, from beginning electronics to advanced microprocessor repair. Here are descriptions for each of the video training programs. Your may want to take advantage of our "package deal" that includes 10 individual programs (more than 18 hours of non-stop technical training) and a free copy of Randy Fromm's Big Blue Book of Really Great Technical Information. You save hundreds of dollars when you get the package deal. 


DVD Package Deal - Items marked with the  symbol are included in the special "Package Deal" of 10 programs plus a copy of Randy Fromm's Big Blue Book of Really Great Technical Information. 
Code #PAKDVD - $419.50 Value Now$249.95

DVD Super Package Deal - All of the items marked with the symbol -PLUS- Randy Fromm's Big Green Book of Monitor Schematics -PLUS- the CD-ROM 
Code #SPKDVD - $569.45 Value Now $349.95 

Randy Fromm's Big Blue Book of Really Great Technical Information
This popular book is full of useful information, including troubleshooting shortcuts, parts sources etc. 426 pages. Now in its fourth and final revision. 
Code #BBB - $69.95

Randy Fromm's Big Green Book 
of Monitor Schematics
Now, you can own the most comprehensive collection in the industry! Contains 84 pages of full-sized, 11" X 17" monitor schematic diagrams from the golden age of videogames to the present.
Code #BGB - $49.95

The entire contents of Randy Fromm's Big Blue Book of Really Great Technical Information (4th edition) PLUS full-resolution scans of all the schematic diagrams contained in the Big Green Book of Monitor Schematics. 
Code #CDR - $99.95

All-You-Need Beginning Electronics for Operators and Mechanics

Whew! That title's a mouthful but it describes this program perfectly. Let's face it. When it comes to fixing videogames and pinball machines, there's lotsa stuff that you just don't need to know! Why try to learn electronics from an engineering standpoint (the way they teach in college and technical schools) when all you need is enough electronics training to fix things? 

This program assumes that you have no previous electronics training and takes you through a simple, NO MATH look at electronic components, electronic circuits, schematic diagrams and more! Understanding electronics is easy when you learn the basics of how circuits and components operate. 

The DVD includes the "Understanding the Digital Multimeter" program as described below.

Code #AYNDVD - 2 DVD disks - Approximately 3.6 hours - $49.95

Basic Videogame Troubleshooting

You've just walked into one of your locations and your brand new videogame has a blank screen. What could be wrong? Where do you start troubleshooting? Is this a monitor problem? Is the power supply bad? This program shows you how to get to the cause of the problem fast! 

What if the screen is covered with meaningless bits of graphics (known as "garbage") or the game freezes in the middle of play? Has the videogame's computer board gone berserk? If so, can you fix the board? 

Sure you can! Many logic board problems can be fixed easily, without a detailed knowledge of microprocessor systems. This training program shows you how. 

Code #BVTDVD Approximately 60 Minutes - $29.95

Diodes, Transistors & Other Semiconductors

Semiconductors are the basis for just about everything in today's coin-operated equipment. Semiconductor failures of all types are the most common problems you will encounter when fixing power supplies, pinball boards and videogame monitors. 

This program takes a look at all of the different types of semiconductors commonly seen in coin-operated amusements. We'll take a look at the operation of each component, along with testing procedures to determine if the part is good or bad. Replacement components will also be discussed. Never get stuck for a replacement part again! 

Code #DTS 2 DVDs - Approximately 3 hours - $49.95

Easy Pinball PC Board Repair

This program does NOT show you how to change burned coils or repair flipper units. What you WILL learn is how to fix the four most common problems on the pinball printed circuit board (the CPU board.) These are the solenoid driver circuit, the switch matrix, the lamp matrix and the high voltage power supply for the display unit. 

Don't let the big names scare you. These circuits are all easy to understand and even easier to repair! In fact, fixing pinball PC boards is a great way to break into PCB repair of all types. Don't depend on someone else to repair your pinball boards when the problem is in one of these simple circuits! Do it yourself!! 

Code #PINDVD Approximately 2 hours - $29.95

Switching Regulator Power Supplies (Peter Chou type)

Many operators throw away their power supplies, not realizing how easy they are to repair. Most power supplies can be repaired in less than a half-hour at an average cost of a buck and a half each. This lesson explains the operation of switching power supplies and how to repair them quickly and inexpensively. Parts sources for power supply repair will also be discussed. 
Code #SPSDVD Approximately 70 minutes - $29.95

Conventional Power Supplies
Power supplies are easy to understand and easy to fix. Conventional (linear) power supplies are used in over 99% of all videogame monitors as well as all pinball machines and redemption equipment. This lesson covers linear power supplies and voltage regulators in detail. This lesson is a recommended prerequisite to monitor repair as many monitor problems can be traced to a power supply failure. 

Code #CPSDVD Approximately 60 minutes - $29.95

Videogame Monitor Repair Made Simple

The popularity of conversion kits means that today's operator must keep his monitors working forever! This lesson details the operation of monitors in easy-to-understand language. 

Each monitor circuit is discussed individually, along with a look at the schematic diagrams for typical monitors. Common monitor failures are discussed, along with the symptoms that will help pinpoint the cause of the problem. Of course, monitor safety will also be discussed in this lesson. 

Code #MONDVD 3 DVDs - Approximately 5 hours - $69.95

Videogame Conversions Made Simple

Videogame Conversions are a snap when you know how. Topics include: Installing Formica sides, working with plexiglass, wiring coin doors, monitors and power supplies and manufacturing new control panels. 
Code #CONDVD Approximately 80 minutes - $29.95

Using a Digital Multimeter

The DMM is the single most important piece of test equipment you can use on your route. This lesson shows you how to use the meter to make the tests and measurements necessary for fixing coin-operated equipment like videogames and pinball machines. Premiered in 1982, this program is just as valid today and continues to be one of Randy Fromm's Arcade School's most popular training programs.  Please note that this program is included as part of the "Beginning Electronics" DVD and is not available as a standalone DVD.

Using an Oscilloscope

Although simple repairs can often be accomplished with a digital multimeter, an oscilloscope is essential for troubleshooting complex analog and digital circuits. This program covers the entire range of oscilloscope controls and operations. 
Code #OSCDVD Approximately 60 minutes - $29.95

Troubleshooting XY Monitors

XY monitors were used in games like Asteroids, Tempest and Star Wars. This program covers the theory of operation of XY monitors in easy-to-understand terms and demonstrates a straightforward method of troubleshooting them. Common failures are discussed in detail. 
Code #XYMDVD Approximately 1 hour - $29.95

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