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Spend Five Days with Industry Expert Randy Fromm

CRT/LCD Video monitor  Repair

This is a “fast-track” class for game technicians, who want to learn the quick and easy way to fix monitors and power supplies without having to learn a lot of electronic theory or mathematics.

$895  per person Includes:
Digital Multimeter
Soldering Kit
Sample Components

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL-SAVE $100 if you register one month before the start of class.

Randy Fromm's Arcade School is a five day program for amusement machine repair, with special emphasis on repairing power supplies, CRT monitors and LCD monitors. If you are interested in holding an Arcade School in your city, please contact Randy Fromm (randy@randyfromm.com tel.619.838.7111 to discuss your needs. We need only EIGHT people for a class.
Class Schedule

Day One - Beginning Electronics for Amusement Technicians
This segment assumes that you have no previous electronics training and takes you through a simple, NO MATH look at electronic components,
electronic circuits, schematic diagrams and more! Understanding electronics is easy when you learn the basics of how circuits and components operate.
Using a Digital Multimeter - The DMM is the single most important piece of test equipment you can use. The class shows you how to use the meter to make the tests and measurements necessary for fixing all types of machines.
Electronic Components - All of the individual components used in gaming machines are introduced. Parts such as resistors, potentiometers
and capacitors are covered individually. Students learn how the components function in the circuits and how to test them for proper
operation using the digital multimeter.
Schematic Diagrams - Schematic diagrams are the blueprints for electronic circuits. Learning to interpret schematic diagrams is a natural
part of the school. The schematic symbols are used throughout the course and students become familiar with schematic diagrams throughout
the class.

Day Two - Diodes, Transistors & Other Semiconductors + Hands-On Transistor Test Lab
Semiconductors are the basis for just about everything in today’s amusement equipment. Semiconductor failures of all types are among the most common of problems you will encounter when fixing power supplies and monitors.
This part of the school takes a look at all of the different types of semiconductors commonly seen in amusement machines. We’ll take a look at the operation of each component, along with testing procedures to determine if the part is good or bad. Students will have ample opportunities to practice their testing skills during the hands-on transistor lab. Replacement components will also be discussed.

Day Three - Soldering and Power Supplies
Component removal and replacement is a better term for this segment. During this short segment, each student will be provided with their own soldering iron, solder and desoldering supplies and a fun-to-build soldering kit (flashing lights/siren). This equipment will be theirs to keep.

Power supplies are at the heart of all electronic systems and power supply failure is common in all of them. Amusements are certainly not  immune. It is not uncommon for an amusement machine, jukebox or bill changer to have a half dozen power supplies working together.
This session covers all types of power supplies, including linear power supplies and the Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) found in

Day Four - LCD Monitor Repair
LCD Monitor repair is generally pretty easy thanks to their modular design. This segment covers the theory of operation of LCD monitors.
There will be a presentation on the repair techniques including CCFL testing and replacement.

Day Five - CRT Monitor Repair
The Amusement Industry is the last home for the CRT monitor. This day’s session covers CRT monitor theory of operation, including detailed circuit analysis with a special emphasis on what fails and shortcuts for quick and accurate troubleshooting.


Tuition for the five-day class is $895. This includes a digital multimeter, soldering iron and supplies, a small collection of hand tools, textbook and other classroom supplies such as sample components.

Here's what some Arcade School graduates have to say:

Subject:           Big Blue Book
      To:           <randy@randyfromm.com>

Mr. Fromm,

     Today I was repairing a k7000 that had me stumped, as usual I found the answer in my big blue book. I can't tell you how many times I reference your book when repairing monitors. It has never let me down yet. I have hundreds of dollars invested in test equipment, but the most valuable tool is your big blue book.

  I'm off to finish my repair just thought I would let you know how much I appreciate your technical ability.

Thanks Again,

Subject:   Ottawa School of ARCADE Thanks!
   From:          "Charles M Fleck" <cfleck@frontiernet.net>

    Hello my name is Charlie Fleck.  I attended your school in Ottawa,  IL.  Employed by M and M Vending and Amusement of Macomb,  IL.  Thought I'd drop you a line to let you know your class helped me tremendously.  M and M is a very big amusement operation where there are plenty of monitors to be fixed daily.  Before I attended your class we had 82 broken monitors sitting around.  On average we have 2 to 3 go down a week.  I couldn't imagine learning how to fix them in 1 weeks time I was assured I would from my boss.  You gave me the basics and I read your book over and over till it almost turned black from all the crud on my fingers from those monitors but I thank you for the enjoyment I get out of fixing them and I'm sure my boss would thank you for all the money he's saving $80 to $100 a monitor with shipping.  Did convince my boss Mike Paisley to buy cr7000 sencore rejuvenator which fixed appoximately 20 of them but I couldn't live without it just using it to test them tells me in 1 minute if the color problem is in the board or the tube.  Will quickly let you know what I've fixed since the 4 mos. that I attended your school.  90 plus monitors around 12 of them being 25" to 27",  9  megatouchs new models and old,  and can't forget Dad's 1981 25" Zenith TV.  Just knowing how to read the schematics has helped me fix numerous old arcade games that everyone seems to want instead of new.

Thanks Again Thought You'd Enjoy The Praise Of Your Work!


Subject:           Thank you for a fresh start.
   From:           "Jason Amato" <jamato@tampabay.rr.com>
      To:           <randy@randyfromm.com>


I attended your arcade school during September, 2001 at Brady Distributing. I flew in from Tampa that week to take your course and it was well worth it. I have moved from a miserable, warehouse manager position to become head technician for All Brands Vending.

This was my first week on the job and I am loving every minute of it. I have already repaired four Cougar dart machines, three jukeboxes, and a Golden Tee Golf game. I never knew work could be this much fun!

My assistant will be attending your Orlando class in December. I have already told him what to expect from you as a teacher. He is looking froward to the experience. 

Thank You,
Jason Amato

Subject:   Orlando School
   From:    Dblknotspy@aol.com
     To:       randy@randyfromm.com

Hi Randy:

I was really impressed with your school.

After twenty years fixing avionics in the Navy and then three years with Dale
Williams at Disney, the two days with you were the most educational.  If the
military would have been training techs to actually fix things (like you do)
instead of some kind of ersatz engineers, my life and career would have most
certainly been more enjoyable.

Kudos, keep cranking out good techs.

Joe Malinchalk

I now have $300.00 worth of repairable power supplies instead of $300.00 worth of throw away power supplies.
Mike Grap - Great Games

I highly recommend it to all people in the video business.
Gene Eason - Namco Operations

I really enjoyed this class. I was able to learn more than I did in six months of technical school.
Michael Crowl - All American Amusements

I recommend this school for any operator or technician, no matter how long you have been in the business.

Wanda Martin - Wanda’s Amusements

Randy Fromm’s Arcade School has been educating coin-op technicians since 1980.